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The keyword of communication is: “How can we be understood by others” Trustworthy and worthwhile communication will lead othersto have a favourable impression of you.

The keyword of communication is: “How can we be understood by others”
Trustworthy and worthwhile communication will lead others to have a favourable impression of you.

Innovation and the growth of communication has been linked to the development of relationships between people, and thus the advancement of economy and culture. Most opportunities to meet others and make new relationships are by chance and determined by fate.
If this is so, how can you go about meeting those you really want to meet and connect with?
Many may not decide to meet you, if they consider that there is no merit or value for them in doing so. If you wish to meet with someone, it is important that they know the benefit in meeting you beforehand.
Next, they may consider whether or not you are a credible and trustworthy person. Are you a potential ally or rival? So, how you introduce yourself is very important for putting them at ease.
After you are accepted by them, to win their trust you will need to consider how you communicate very carefully. The method, timing, content and choice of words are all very important.
In this manner, communication enables our trust in each to grow little by little.
We think that this same procedure may benefit your business operations such as content production, distribution, sales promotion and advertising production,
Hello Earth Inc. aims to support or assist you in doing business smoothly, suggesting ideas and planning to help your business improve.

“How are we seen by our customers?”
and develop the idea of
“How should we present ourselves to our customers?”.

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Movies, drama, documentaries from all over the world,are information sources that enable us to understand other cultures.Using the video content, you can connect and communicate globally.

Movies, drama, documentaries from all over the world,
are information sources that enable us to understand other cultures.

If we wish to have good relationships with people from other countries and cultures, we must be aware of anxiety or wariness due to differences in language, culture, and lifestyle.  
Smooth communication with people from other countries will start from understanding the cultures and customs of each country. Watching movies, dramas, documentaries etc. are very a useful tool for knowing how others live, their cultures and way of thinking.  
We hope that broadcasting video content from various cultures will trigger communication between people of different countries and cultures. The world has been become much smaller. We hope to support facilitation of international communication through the worldwide distribution of video content.  
In the majority of cases, obtaining license agreements for video content is a time consuming process, for example, attending various worldwide showcase exhibitions, contact with content holders, adjusting or making contracts and arrangement of delivery of film data. Many barriers exist that make this a difficult and costly process: language, business customs, law, distance, currency, commercial risk.
HELLO EARTH CONTENT has been created to the reduce those barriers and facilitate the obtaining of license agreements of video content through the Internet. We wish to provide a procedure or broadcasters, filmmakers all over the world that is safe, simple and easy to use system of obtaining licensing deals.

We reduce costs & procedures
of the video content distribution.

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